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Wildfires and Weddings

When wildfires and smoke affect your elopement plans, learn how to view near real-time data in Google Earth Pro.

It’s fire season, but it’s still wedding season- and you’re planning an elopement during it.

wildfire smoke over Oregon

Here’s a quick way to find recent fire information and smoke imagery overlaid on Google Earth Pro.

Use this tool as part of your planning process and be prepared to make back up plans out of the way of fires, smoke, and first responders. Even if you are far away from a wildfire, smoke levels can get unhealthy and uncomfortable very quickly!

First, visit the US Forest Service’s Active Fire Mapping program – You’ll download files from here and import them into your desktop version of Google Earth Pro. 

  • Select a state from the map.
  • Make a selection from the drop down menu that says “Satellite/Sensor Image Band Combination”  The instruments that take gather this data are on two orbiting satellites: Terra and Aqua. You can download images from each satellite. I like using a True Color Composition.
  • Select the image date from the pop up menu. If you don’t get a pop up menu, try a different browser.
  • Select “KMZ” for the Product Type and click “Generate Subset” This will start your download.
  • Next, open up Google Earth Pro and select File -> Open. Select your downloaded KMZ file and you’ll see the new layer open up in Google Earth Pro as “Worldview snapshot”. Enable the layer.

Active Fire Mapping program has a lot of useful information that is publicly accessible, including files containing detailed fire reports.

When you add more files to Google, you can view them together as layers.

Now that you know how to import files to Google, you can look for satellite imagery files to plan for snow and large, slower weather events like hurricanes and be prepared for nearly anything 😉

Look around and click through- and let me know if this helps you!

Stay safe friends! 

September 9, 2020

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