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Why You Should Consider a Sunrise Elopement.

Sunrise brings a touch of magic to your wedding ceremony.

I’m going to assume that you’ve experienced at least one sunrise in your time here on Earth (if you haven’t- get thee to a sunrise immediately!). Put yourself back in that moment and you’ll recall the magical feeling of watching the world quickly change from night to day, a transition that is both achingly slow and shockingly quick once it begins.

Getting married is a transition itself, and you’ll understand how beautiful it is to mark that transition with the rising of a star.

Sunrise will put you in your mortal place; it will remind you that you and your person are in one place on the planet, and that a vast and endless Space exists beyond- and in that whole wide world in that endless night you found someone to share all the days of your life with. It’s humbling and beautiful, so BIG and very very small all at once.

Sunrise makes the most crowded places private.

The practical benefit of sunrise cannot be overstated. Sunrise is often it’s own private show and you’re FAR less likely to have to share a popular place with others. This is a fantastic way to have an intimate wedding ceremony at a popular location like a national park and still have private space to share your vows with your partner.

Moreover, the ephemeral nature of a sunrise experience will remind you to savor the moments you have with all of those around you. Once day breaks, it’s like a veil is lifted (oh, I could do a lot with that metaphor…) and your ENTIRE wedding day lies before you to enjoy as you wish (or nap!) instead of spending the day preparing (and getting nervous) for your wedding.

Why you should get married at sunrise.

Sunrise is an effort.

Like all worthwhile things, marriage included, effort is required to experience the payoff. I wake up for sunrise all the time, and it is still difficult to take that first step out of bed. This is a good lesson to begin your wedding day with. Make the effort, together, and be rewarded with a beautiful experience and a sense of accomplishment. As I mentioned in another blog post, the unique experience of waking up early can also help you form more lasting memories of your wedding day.

Sunrise is beautiful.

It is well known that sunrise and sunset are both beloved of photographers because of their beauty. The way the light shoots through the atmosphere is a powerful ingredient for creating stunning wedding photography. Sunrise in particular can produce fiery red light and epic alpenglow on mountains, where rosier light is more common at sunset. If you plan to have a mountain elopement, sunrise is the perfect time of day.

Sunrise doesn’t have to be intimidating- Wild Earth Weddings will help you plan and execute your magical sunrise elopement or adventure wedding in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and beyond!

December 4, 2019

Wild Earth Weddings

You know, the one that always reminds you to bring extra socks on the overnight hike, and who definitely has the best podcasts queued up for the road trip.

From dreaming to planning, to the big day and after, I lend you my experience, my best ideas and inspiration, my favorite and most breathtaking locations, and the all cheering-on you need.

I create the space for you to feel easy, relaxed, and EXCITED as you treat yourselves to one heck of an adventure together.

More than epic photography

I believe that big weddings aren’t the right fit for everyone, and that your wedding day is an opportunity to do something different, something wild, and something completely unique.

I also believe that connecting with the earth connects you to your partner, and that wedding vows (and photos) are extra magical in the majestic landscapes of the American West.

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  1. Hell yeah! Sunrise elopements are gorgeous. And the light. Ugh. So good.

  2. I totally agree- that morning light is so magical. I would totally do a sunrise elopement if I were to elope.

  3. Oh wow, so many good points here about why sunrise is a good time to elope! And good metaphors too! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. malinarosephotography@gmail.com says:

    Sunrise! I’ve never done one but can see why you would be encouraging these gorgeous sessions!

  5. photographybylynnmarie@comcast.net says:

    So true! All of this. Sunrise weddings and elopements are magical for sure.

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