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What An Elopement Photographer Can Help You With


Here’s why a photographer should be the first elopement vendor you hire.

Once you decide to cast off the repressive traditions and expectations of the “traditional wedding,” you’ll find yourself already at the head of the game. Congratulations! Achieving the clarity and self awareness to keep your adventure-loving values at the front of your soon-to-be-wed journey is no easy task (but let’s be honest, it’s still way easier than planning a wedding with 300 guests).

However amazing and life-changing the decision to elope may be (and it really, REALLY is!) you may still find yourself at a loss as to what your first step on your elopement journey might be.

Here’s everything you can expect a dedicated elopement photographer to help you with :

  1. Getting to know YOU.

    That includes learning what types of activities, sceneries, and destinations make your heart soar (and asking the right questions to bring clarity to your wedding vision). Questions like “What types of experiences do you prioritize when you travel with your partner?”
    (If you always seek out culinary delicacies, why not hire a personal chef for your best day ever? If you thought about eloping in Venice, why not schedule a stop at Puglia, the olive oil capital of the world?)

  2. Legalities.

    An elopement photographer will help you sort out whether you want to get legally married in another state or country, and what exactly that entails, as well as the pros and cons of handling the legalities at home. (In my opinion there are more pros than cons here, but that’s another post.) A good elopement photographer will also be able to navigate the permits needed to have your ceremony at your chosen destination. Not just overseas, but stateside as well. Elopement photographer are well-versed in these areas, and hiring an elopement photographer first can save you a lot of footwork!

  3. Logistics.

    An elopement photographer can illustrate the differences between having your ceremony (and photos) at sunrise or sunset vs the middle of the day. Plus, we have really strong opinions about why this is something you should spend some time thinking about! More than that, an elopement photographer will create your entire day’s timeline (I know how long stuff takes!). That means you’ll have a relaxed day from start to finish- no surprises because you didn’t think to factor in your drive time, or that you might want to stick around after sunset to watch the stars come out and share a bottle of wine under the milky way (oh heck yeah I know where and when you can see it!)

  4. Finding other vendors.

    As wedding vendors ourselves, elopement photographers are uniquely positioned to help you find all of the other vendors you might want to include on your day. Photographers are tapped in to a world-wide vendor network (ok, it’s Facebook, but still- we talk). We also have our own experience to draw from. Did those silk flowers end up working out, and how does a

  5. Validation.

    Sometimes, despite everything, there may be someone you love who doesn’t understand your kick ass decision to elope. I’m here to tell you how right it is and how wrong they are, whenever you need it.

Tip : Schedule a time to chat with me, and we’ll go over – in detail – everything I’ve mentioned on this list and more. I’m 100% obsessed with making your elopement or wedding a dream come true.

What you can expect when you hire ME as your elopement photographer :

  • First, we’ll schedule a time to introduce ourselves via a phone call or video chat. Put a face to my name and ask me your toughest questions! Once you’ve scheduled your chat, you’ll receive my full planning and pricing guide, and access to past client galleries.

    (It’s totally OK if you don’t have solid plans at this point.)

  • Second, you’ll let me know if you’d like to reserve a date on my calendar. If you do, we’ll make it official with an easy online booking process. Picking a date (if you don’t have one yet) is the first way I’ll help you get this exciting planning process under way!

  • Third, through a series of questionnaires and scheduled conversations, I will help you decide on things like : How much coverage do you need and what do your different options look like (with real, completely custom timeline examples). Where exactly will you say your vows and what experiences do you want to incorporate. Your day is starting to take shape.

  • Finalize your amazing, completely custom elopement plan. You’ll know exactly what to expect and you can kick your heels off and enjoy “the fiancée moment” of your relationship like no one else you know- completely footloose and fancy free as you count down the days till “I do.”


Elopement Photographer + Wedding Wing Woman

At Wild Earth Weddings, I specialize in creating and photographing unforgettable elopement days in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

My philosophy is to be your partner in planning, bringing my expertise and experience to the table so that your wedding planning process is EXCITING, FUN, and makes you so freaking stoked to get married already!

February 18, 2020

Wild Earth Weddings

You know, the one that always reminds you to bring extra socks on the overnight hike, and who definitely has the best podcasts queued up for the road trip.

From dreaming to planning, to the big day and after, I lend you my experience, my best ideas and inspiration, my favorite and most breathtaking locations, and the all cheering-on you need.

I create the space for you to feel easy, relaxed, and EXCITED as you treat yourselves to one heck of an adventure together.

More than epic photography

I believe that big weddings aren’t the right fit for everyone, and that your wedding day is an opportunity to do something different, something wild, and something completely unique.

I also believe that connecting with the earth connects you to your partner, and that wedding vows (and photos) are extra magical in the majestic landscapes of the American West.

Adventure Elopement Photographer + Wedding Wing-Woman

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