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Kenzie and Cameron’s Colorful Painted Hills Elopement

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The Landscape of the Painted Hills

It’s hard to believe that Oregon can have so many different types of landscapes- that you can go from lush verdant forests and waterfalls to mountains and desert in just a few hours. John Day National Monument is one of the “seven wonders” of Oregon- and once you arrive you will immediately agree that this special place has earned it’s title. One of the most striking features is the red dirt and ash along the Painted Cove trail. This deep red substrate fell from the sky as hot ash millions of years ago from the surrounding volcanoes, preserving ancient flora and fauna, as well as information about the changing climate.
It’s important to protect this fragile landscape, so visitors to the park must stay on the boardwalk at all times. The boardwalk views are the best way to see these features!

Getting Married in the Park

Getting married in the Painted Hills is easy and affordable! Couples should note that a wedding permit is required, but it is very affordable (150-$300 depending on your group’s size). Places to consider include the Painted Cove trail pictured below!

How to Get There

From Portland: 3 h 56 min 
From Bend: 1 h 52 min
From Eugene: 3 h 51 min

Hair and Makeup: Katya LaPierre 
Find her on Instagram: @la.pierrestylist

Oregon's Painted Hills Elopement Photos

A romantic portrait in the Painted Hills

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June 24, 2020

Wild Earth Weddings

  1. oh mmyyyyy i love the orange and red backdrops- they are such a nice change from the green tree backdrops. don’t get me wrong, i love the forest but it’s so great to see how diverse the landscape in oregon is.

  2. Kelly Wilde says:

    You are like a photographer that’s also a wedding planner, this is so helpful for couples wanting to elope in an epic landscape! Your photos and colors are really killer too.

  3. Katy Weaver says:

    Wowowow these Painted Hills elopement photos are EPIC and I love all the helpful information you included too! Amazing job on these!

  4. Oh man, these are so gorgeous! I want to go there so badly after seeing these beautiful photos! Amazing work!

  5. Courtney Glaab says:

    How do you go about getting a permit for the park???

    • Wild Earth Weddings says:

      It’s a very easy process! I’d recommend calling the park at (541) 987-2333. Each permit is approved on a case- by- case basis so they will need to get some information about your event. I hope this helps!

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