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Creative Ways to Announce Your Elopement!

Whether your elopement is a surprise, or if everyone is in the know, elopement announcements are a fun way to share the good news with everyone you love. Here are the most popular and creative ways to announce your elopement.

Elopement Announcement Ideas

Video call your friends and family as soon as you say “I do!” 

If you don’t have cell service, go ahead and record a video instead. Making your announcement at the exact spot that you said “I do” helps share your experience with those you care about. Turn the camera around and share your views, and don’t forget to let them know that even though they aren’t present today, you are carrying them in your thoughts on your wedding day.

Record individual, more personalized videos for family members or friends who might feel a little bit left out! 

An example of an elopement announcement sign.

Make a sign!

Pose with a sign that says “We eloped!” and ask your photographer to include the image in your sneak peek so that you can mail/text/or post the good news right away! 

Printed elopement announcement cards take a bit longer, but are a great way to include a registry link or a personalized note. (Older family members especially will love having a print to display.)

If you want to bask in all of your reacts at once- post your announcement to social media as soon as you get that sneak peek! Don’t forget your hashtags: #wedidthething! #surprise! #weeloped #justmarried #weddingday are the most popular.

More great elopement announcement sign ideas:

  • Inscribe “Mr & Mr” “Mr & Mrs” “Mrs & Mrs” or “Mx & Mx” on a pair of balloons, cupcakes, puppy dogs (!!), custom embroidered jackets, or whatever flavor of Etsy paraphernalia does it for you!
Custom embroidered jacket from SunnyshopbyOlesea on Etsy.

Some other phrases to use for your elopement announcement are:

“We do, we did, we eloped!”
“We said yes!”
“So, this happened”
“We tied the knot!”

And of course the classic “Just Married” works wonderfully too!

Tip: For mountain elopements, include the elevation of where you said “I do.”


Sneak peek previews of your elopement photos are pretty standard, and you can download these, set them to music, and play them at your elopement reception!

November 10, 2020

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