Stephanie and Brian, Estes Park Wedding, O'Connor Pavilion, Rocky Mountain National Park- · Wild Earth Weddings

Stephanie and Brian, Estes Park Wedding, O’Connor Pavilion, Rocky Mountain National Park-

Congratulations Stephanie and Brian!
The O’Connor Pavilion in Estes Park is a GORGEOUS spot for a wedding. We loved how close we were to Rocky Mountain National Park, which was a great place to take our first look photos.

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Thanks for checking out this gorgeous Colorado mountain wedding!
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October 6, 2018

Wild Earth Weddings

You know, the one that always reminds you to bring extra socks on the overnight hike, and who definitely has the best podcasts queued up for the road trip.

From dreaming to planning, to the big day and after, I lend you my experience, my best ideas and inspiration, my favorite and most breathtaking locations, and the all cheering-on you need.

I create the space for you to feel easy, relaxed, and EXCITED as you treat yourselves to one heck of an adventure together.

More than epic photography

I believe that big weddings aren’t the right fit for everyone, and that your wedding day is an opportunity to do something different, something wild, and something completely unique.

I also believe that connecting with the earth connects you to your partner, and that wedding vows (and photos) are extra magical in the majestic landscapes of the American West.

Adventure Elopement Photographer + Wedding Wing-Woman

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